About Me:

When given the advice "leave them how you found them", I walk towards the chaos to do just the opposite. It's always been a natural affinity of mine to bring order to things, empower others around me and to ultimately to leave my environment better off than when I arrived.

I am New Jersey native, but during my college years I fell in love with all things Philly where I currently reside. I am one of four very talented siblings who have all been encourage to leave their marks along their journey. Driven by making a difference, I am a servant leader who has been highly involved in the local and business communities. 

Currently, I work as a Design Strategist with a Philadelphia management consulting firm who's focus is to help organizations navigate transformative change to create innovative customer & employee experiences by leveraging a human centered approach.    

My mission is to change the world through business and action. I see that there is a huge need in changing the way we educate and encourage each other. I believe there's more at work when we communicate with one another and I'm committed to improving the way we live and tell our stories. I am a change maker in the making. 

Focus on the Future was the theme of Widener's prestigious annual event. Students spoke of what they wish to accomplish in their career post graduation and how the donor commitment has made that possible. Annalicia reflects of her experiences during her tenure at Widener University as well as the key lessons that led her to future accomplishments.