Community Development:

Throughout my tenure at Widener University, I was a member of the Presidential Service Corps where I contributed to over 300+ hours of community service annually. The exposure of being on the ground and the permission of bringing all that I had to help others ignited this activator mindset of mine. Which led me and my co-founder to start a youth development program in the heart of Chester, Pennsylvania. This program was called Northern Star Sports (NSS) and it taught young students how to develop leadership skills using sports as a medium. I was inspired to create this program after meeting my little through the Big Brother, Big Sister program. My little taught me many things but his dedication to his work, sports and family reminded me of how I came to be where I am today because active learning was essential in preparing me for my future. NSS was designed to teach children empathy and leadership in real time skills during play. It helped develop the same skills of which my little embodied as well as it shined a light on a different path forward for others. 

This dream shaping type of service work led me into leadership development and entrepreneurship coaching as I matured into my career. I found myself coaching undergrad students on how to create impact projects of their own as well as helping entrepreneurs define their "why". A notable project of mine was helping a young man turn his experience of home schooling and self-taught coding into an accessible platform for all kids to learn how to code and build things with each other. From defining his passion to sculpting his vision, he has successfully made progress on executing his mission on developing a peer to peer virtual learning community strictly for kids. 

Community development or service work has taken on a new role in my life. Since exposed to its applications, it has significantly developed my skills of empathy and systems thinking. It has allowed me to walk into any type of work with this appreciation for active listening, adapting to cultural differences and this drive to elevate others unique stories. 


Awesome and Inspiring!

“Every since she came into my son's life as his mentor I always admired the relationship that’s she had with him. She was very concerned and compassionate when it came to him and what he wanted out of life. When her mentor session ended she still remain in contact and always checks up on him. He has grown to love and respect her as a sister. ”

— D.K.


“Working with her has been very positive. She focuses her energy on helping others”

— M.E.